Services Overview

Whatever your role, Sustainable Comfort can help

Housing Services Overview

Technician InspectingWhatever your role, Sustainable Comfort can help you. We have a wide range of experience with multifamily buildings, and some single family, too. SCI prides itself on creating a great customer experience and always going the extra mile. Our customers come first in all that we do, and their view points get considered in any decision we make as a company. Below is a list of the different roles a customer might play in a project, and how we can help.

For Developers

As you assemble your project team, think of SCI. We can help you explore the energy efficiency and green building options, while minimizing your operating costs and hard construction costs. Learn more about what we can do for developers.

For Architects

We partner with architects throughout the early design stages throughout construction to achieve advanced energy efficiency and green building programs. Learn more about what we can do for architects.

For Builders

As you strive to build to a green building or energy efficiency program, SCI works with you along the way and conducts inspections early to minimize any rework. This ensures a smooth completion when it’s time for the punch list at the end of the project. Learn more about what we can do for builders.

For Homeowners

If you’re thinking about building a home, we’d like to help. Building energy efficiency into your home is easier than you think. Learn more about what we can do for homeowners.

For Affordable Housing

We understand the affordable housing process and the Green Building and Energy Efficiency Impact of your applications. Learn more about what we can do for affordable housing projects.

For Property Management

After years of personally living in multifamily buildings and seeing the business of property management, the team at SCI knew that there was a better way. By using the same focus, responsiveness, and quality that we use for our other project types we have set out to change expectations of property management. Learn more about the difference we make for property management.

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